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Jul 17, 2011 6:00pm EDT
phone hacking scandal in britain. former "news of the world" editor, rebekah brooks was arrested at a police station in london. she was editor of the "news of the world" when the scam allegedly took place. just hours before brooks' arrest metropolitan police commissioner resigned. stevenson came under fire for hiring a former executive editor from the "news of the world" as a p.r. consultant for the police department. a parliamentary committee hearing on the phone hacking scandal is set for tuesday. >>> a colorado woman has been charged with felony sexual abuse. she's accused of groping a tsa agent. the 61-year-old woman allegedly grabbed an agent's breast earlier this week at a security checkpoint at phoenix airport. the tsa says she refused to go through screening and started arguing with agents, eventually groping one of them. she admits to grabbing the agent. >>> still to come tonight on news 4 at 6:00, 300 horses, 8,500 re-enactors and a lot more spectators. northern virginia prepares for a crush of visitors and going to be really good for business. >>> the heat is back and
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm EDT
was in office. back in 2006, a woman nailed rebecca brooks was the editor of the sun newspaper. she contacted the prime minister and his wife sarah. brooks said she knew that their newborn son had just been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and she was going to publish the story. he called her on that moment with the bbc today. >> your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. sarah and i were incredibly upset about it, we're thinking about his long term future, our family. >> in the meantime, a third murdoch newspaper the sunday times is accused of illegally obtaining gordon brown's financial details. and the editor of the sun rebecca brooks eventually went on to run the newspaper that has been at the center of the scandal as it began. and that is the news of the world. >>> this afternoon, president obama awarded the medal of honor to one of the army's elite rangers, sergeant first class leroy pettry threw a grenade away to protect two of his comrades in afghanistan. he lost his hand during that raid in 2008. he becomes the second living veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars to get
Jul 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. the latest, rebekah brooks, the former chief executive of murdoch's british media holdings. she showed up in a prearranged appointment with police on sunday, and was subsequently held and questioned for nine hours before being released on bail. all of this is putting increasing pressure on the murdoch family. are you put murdoch, his son james and rebekah brooks are expected to appear before a government committee tomorrow to answer questions about the scandal. kurt gregory, nbc news. >> and there is another late development in this story. "the guardian" newspaper reports that london is examining a computer found in a bag throne into a trash can in an underground parking garage near the apartment where rebekah brooks lives. according to "the guardian" brooks' husband tried to claim the bag. they called the police. >>> the temperature is rising and if you think it's hot now, by the end of this week, we could see temps in the triple digits. doug has a look at the conditions across our region at this hour. doug? >> yeah, right now, jim, temperatures into the low 90s across much of the region
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm EDT
it. and then maybe the people they trusted. >> then we waited for rebekah brooks to come in. she was the editor at the time this alleged hacking was going on. we all waited for her to say something, but that did not happen. she didn't know about hacking, she never condoned it or sanctioned it, she didn't know about payments to police. she never condoned or sanctioned that. some of her questioners were saying, isn't it incredible that you did not know of any of this? she said, yeah, maybe it is incredible but i just didn't know. >> that was michelle kosinski reporting from london. rebeckah brooks was arrested sunday in connection with scotland yards' investigation into the allegations of hacking and bribery. federal authorities have made arrests in at least three states in connection with the investigation of a computer hacking group that calls itself anonymous. among those arrests is a contract ploy of at&t who's accused of using his access to acquire information and post it online in file sharing sites. >>> now to the hot weather, it's stirred up some storms across the region. d
Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm EDT
to death yesterday inside his bowie home. today police arrested john haston and craig brooks in connection with that death. investigators believe the two men were posing as pepco workers when they went to williams' home. police say this was not a random crime. >> we do know that mr. williams is a local business owner here in the county. and we believe that he was targeted, because he was a business owner. maybe the suspects believed that he had funds inside the home. so therefore, we know that robbery was the motive. >> both haston and brooks are facing murder and robbery charges. >>> water service has been restored in prince george's county after a massive water main break in capital heights. it was a 20-inch water main that broke just before 10:00 yesterday morning. it happened in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard in capital heights. water service was restored to 31 businesses about 2:00 this afternoon. that road, however, will remain closed until it can be repaved sometime tomorrow. >>> coming up on the broadcast tonight, a man carjacked a woman and her child. that mother did the
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm EDT
of forcible sodomy. he works at the chester brook academy in leesburg. police made the arrest after they got a tip from a parent back in march. >>> there is a warning about a potential terror plot that involves a new effort to get a bomb on a plane bound for america. u.s. officials have warned airlines about intercepted intelligence that shows foreign terrorists have talked about ways to plant a bomb inside a passenger. an official familiar with the intel told nbc news that the plot goes beyond concealing a bomb in a body cavity. this plan would involve surgically implanting a device. authorities say there is no indication the plan is moved beyond the talking stage. still, transportation security officials are warning travelers to expect a variety of additional screening measures on international flights bound for the u.s. >>> the army psychiatrist charged in that deadly ft. hood shooting will face the death penalty after he's tried by the military. major nadal hasan will be court martialed in texas at ft. hood. he's accused in that rampage that left 13 people dead in 2009. hasan was paralyz
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6